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Welcome to Ideal 420 Soil

At Ideal 420 Soil, we believe, and have proven, that our soil—a carefully selected blend of vital nutrients and one that only requires watering—grows the highest quality marijuana in the marketplace. Through our deep understanding of the science of soil and of plant fertility, we have developed the world’s first true marijuana soil. Cannabis, like all other plants, have millions of metabolic functions on a weekly basis and a high demand for major, minor, and trace elements. Perfect soil structure produces nutrient dense plants, which, in turn, guarantees consistent medicinal quality. Our guiding philosophy has always been to streamline the growing process of cannabis by scientifically engineering a soil that hosts all the nutrients in the perfect balance. The cannabis industry has been accustomed to feeding the plant…we, on the other hand, engineer the soil to allow the plant to feed itself. We are proud of the fact that our patent pending soil is serving our clients well and that we are revolutionizing the cannabis industry. Our clients are reaping the rewards of our extensive research, and now we invite you to make IDEAL 420 Soil an integral part of your success.

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