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About Us

At Ideal 420 Soil, we believe, and have proven, that our soil—a carefully selected blend of vital nutrients and one that only requires watering—grows the highest quality marijuana in the marketplace. Through our deep understanding of the science of soil and of plant fertility, we have developed the world’s first true marijuana soil. Cannabis, like all other plants, have millions of metabolic functions on a weekly basis and a high demand for major, minor, and trace elements. Perfect soil structure produces nutrient dense plants, which, in turn, guarantees consistent medicinal quality. Our guiding philosophy has always been to streamline the growing process of cannabis by scientifically engineering a soil that hosts all the nutrients in the perfect balance. The cannabis industry has been accustomed to feeding the plant…we, on the other hand, engineer the soil to allow the plant to feed itself. We are proud of the fact that our patent pending soil is serving our clients well and that we are revolutionizing the cannabis industry. Our clients are reaping the rewards of our extensive research, and now we invite you to make IDEAL 420 Soil an integral part of your success.

Cutting Edge Science ideal-420-usa-leaf.png

Ideal 420 Soil is an innovative soil fertility company that uses cutting-edge science to design soil fertility grow systems for gardeners and cultivators who want nutrient-dense plants and high-level plant cultivation.

A New Standard

We believe growers are ultimately manufacturers of food, medicine, and ornamental art, and we strive to bring consistently ideal growing environments to those who seek to achieve ultimate plant health and vitality. Our user-friendly products set a new, higher standard for cultivation.

Commitment to Cultivators

Ideal 420 Soil is committed to the entire cannabis industry. We try to anticipate the needs of MMJ cultivators so we can set the stage for superior performance in their garden. We care deeply about the success of every Ideal 420 customer, no matter how large or small.

Scientifically Engineered 

We do the science so our growers don’t have to – soil science is our only focus. Our goal is to streamline your manufacturing process while adding significant value to your products and operation. Ideal 420 Soil is a one-of-a-kind targeted soil that is a consistent, completely structured soil with proper elemental ratios and components that are designed to embody the “ideal” conditions for cannabis growth. Ideal 420 Soil is meant to host advanced chemistry and microbiology. There is nothing in the marketplace today that has the measured and calculated components in it that Ideal 420 Soil has.

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